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Professional Biography:  Michael C. Jordan

With well over thirty years of securities industry experience, prior to the formation of Polar Investment Counsel, Inc., in 1995, Mr. Jordan had been associated with several firms.  Through these associations throughout the years, he had gained insight and experiences, within the securities and investment industry, that few other investment professionals have experienced regarding the management and investment of client assets and in matters of industry and financial trends, which are to include industry management.

Mr. Jordan’s associations are as follows:

Investor Diversified Services  (Glenview IL)

His first home in the securities industry, he learned the rudiments of financial planning by helping young families in budget planning with the ultimate goal of finding investable dollars.  Along with this, Mr. Jordan reevaluated clients insurance needs to allow for them to obtain adequate coverage at a cost effective premium.

Hornblower & Weeks, Hemphill Noyes (Chicago IL)

Mr. Jordan’s initial association with a so called “NY Wirehouse” of the day; began here where he first learned the value of “asset allocation” (a term not used in those days).  In its day, this firm was one of the “New York Blueblood” firms, but mismanagement at the top and riddled with nepotism.  Consequently, it no longer exists.

Oppenheimer & Company (Chicago IL)

In the later 1970’s, this was one of the first smaller “Boutique Firms” that actually was at that time a (very much) superior firm with better research, and to some extent, offered a larger selection and better quality of products.  It was here that he learned a bit more about portfolio diversification and utilization of such products as limited partnerships and managed futures accounts.  This experience was not entirely positive from all standpoints.  For instance, during his tenure at the firm, dozens of (what he refers to as) venture capital limited partnerships were marketed by the firm’s associates, including the Delorean motor car deal (yes, Mr. Jordan met John Delorean).  His recollection of this is that only two or three of these deals represented a positive return to the investing public.  This firm survived, but fell from greatness due to (in Mr. Jordan’s opinion) greed and mismanagement.

AG Becker (Chicago IL)

His association with this boutique firm brought a much greater understanding of the futures and fixed income markets.  Alas, due to gross mismanagement of the firm, its majority (European) owners closed it down.

Rooney Pace (Chicago IL)

In the early 1980’s, Mr. Jordan followed a former AG Becker manager and nearly joined the firm of J David (David Dominelli).  However, J David was put out of the business due to corrupt practices (quite the scandal of the day) and the assets of the firm were purchased by Rooney Pace (a NYSE Penny Stock firm).  In the short tenure at this firm, he learned little with the exception of some additional experience with (in his opinion) corrupt and greedy management.

Prescott Ball & Turbin (Chicago IL)

At the time, this firm was part of the Kemper Funds Family and taught him a great deal about the rapidly growing mutual fund industry.

Thompson McKinnon (Crystal Lake IL)

Mr. Jordan recalls his sole reason for joining this firm was the opportunity of escaping the crowded downtown Chicago working environment for the relative peace of Crystal Lake (just a stone’s through from his home in Barrington IL).  The firm terminated Mr. Jordan due to lack of production and bearishness prior to the crash in 1987.  The firm “crashed and burned” shortly after that leaving thousands of its ESOP employees with no retirement funding – incompetent management.

The Milwaukee Company (Vernon Hills IL)

The small NYSE member firm attracted Mr. Jordan because he needed a new place to work.  The office location was suburban and they had an interesting “managed account” department.  However, his association with the firm was not long as shortly after the crash of 1987, they were forced into a merger with Dain Bosworth.  A result of (in his opinion) more incompetent management.

Dain Bosworth (Vernon Hills IL)

This association was not of Mr. Jordan’s choosing (forced upon him as a result of the death of The Milwaukee Company) and the firm’s business model did not fit his business.  He had a number of discretionary accounts which he managed for clientele.  Dain did not permit such accounts; nonetheless, in his short association with the firm he did pick up some management “pointers”.

AG Edwards (Burlington WI)

Finally, removing himself from the major metropolitan area, Mr. Jordan found himself a home at AGE.  While at this firm he began managing some very large clientele accounts.  The firm was supportive and had an excellent compliance and managed futures department.  For a period of time, he was the firm’s largest futures producer, never writing a ticket, all the business was managed by outside professionals.  In the six or so years he spent at AGE, his aptitude for true portfolio diversification grew tremendously as did his experience in the fixed income area.

Mr. Jordan enjoys the following activities (past and present):

  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Solo deep wilderness trips
  • Horseback riding
  • Target shooting
  • Aviation (private pilot)
  • Sailing
  • Crude Carpentry
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Wood Cutting
  • Dogs
















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